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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skagway, Alaska

 I was in Skagway, Alaska this week and primarily to pick fabric for a retreat I am going to at the end of the month. Since it is such a beautiful town, I thought I would share a few pictures from there. Skagway is about 1-1/2 to 2 hours from Whitehorse and I go there fairly often with other quilting friends or the hubby. In the winter they roll up the sidewalk at the end of the tourist season, but luckily the quilt store is open all year round. What a difference this town is during the winter (population 700) and the summer (daily traffic 20-30,000). Since it was raining and there were only 2 cruise ships in, the board walk was fairly clear of traffic, so the pictures are uncluttered with people.

Fall has already arrived in the Yukon, so if you ever decide to come here the first 3 weeks of September are the best for fall foliage. Anyway, here is Skagway:

Raining--see the drawings up on the hill? It is a 1900 advertisement.
Some of the original buildings have brought back old signage.

The only year round restaurant. In the winter they close at 2pm, so you  better get there before 2pm or leave hungry!

Alaska licence plate. The middle area shows prospectors climbing the 'Chilkoot Pass". 
Emerald Lake--this is on the way to Skagway. The beautiful blue and emerald colouring is from light reflecting off of 'marl'--I think it is clay and calcium deposits.  

A view of the train station and a cruise ship. Behind in the mist is a magnificent mountain range. 
The Whitepass and Yukon Railway 
Skagway Harbour
Look at the spikes! Used to keep birds from landing on the light posts at the harbour. Ouch!

Skagway from the hilltop-only a couple of cruise ships in today

The quilt store!

The website for this store is here: Rushin Tailor. There are some very unique items here you may want to see. Hope you liked this quick tour of Skagway...

I have a question--does anyone know WHY blogger sorts pictures in a haphazard way? I cannot get it to add my pictures the way I want them to sort. Sorry that they are somewhat disjointed! 


  1. The quilt store! That is awesome.

    planning my trip... : ) Can you believe that my Yukon travel guide just arrived in the mail? I forgot I had requested it.

    Problem is, what if I go there and don't want to leave!????

    : )

  2. I was on one of those cruise ships June 2010 :) Went on the the Whitepass and Yukon railway and of course went to the quilt store! You don't want to leave ... the scenery is stunning.

  3. One of my dreams is an Alaskan cruise. I have the brochures:) One day.