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Sunday, September 16, 2012

To Skagway (Again)

Even though I was there on Tuesday, I went to Skagway yesterday with my friend Janet. We needed to catch up and since our quilt retreat is in a few weeks, we thought this would be fun. I’ve shown some pictures of Skagway but here are some more-get ready!
Here is the harbour. Yes, it was cold and miserable and there was a blowing wind. I felt sorry for the cruise ship passengers because they have a lengthy walk from the ship to shops.
I recently saw this quilt on Tamarack Shack, and decided I needed to make a similar one, so I needed some chocolate brown fabric. This quilt is based on the 5 Minute Block by Suzanne McNeill. So simple and fast, so I am going to definitely add this to the 38 other projects I am taking. This had better be a one year retreat so I can get it all done!  lol

And finally, here is the quilt store! Pretty, isn’t it?
My friend Janet posed for me.  Thanks Janet!
Finally, I want to show you how quickly fall comes. The first picture is from Tuesday, the next is just 4 days later.

The leaves are going, going…
and my favourite one:
Hope you are all enjoying the end of summer and the start of fall in your areas!


  1. Lovely quilt store:) We are just seeing some leaves changing colour. I sat outside today with a light jacket on because even though it was warm in the sun it was a bit chilly in the shade.

    1. You are seeing the start of fall too? Where are you Mary Ann?