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Monday, September 3, 2012

Stenciling Fun

My dad and his friend left on Saturday afternoon and I wasted no time in getting my paints and new stencils out to play with.
I love, love, LOVE LuAnn Kessi's blog when she has her play dates. I liked one of her play dates soooo much, I ordered a number of the same stencils and went to town.

Here is how I started. I sprayed on a mist of background colour just so there was not a solid white background. Notice all of the paints on both sides of the table? I used craft paint, thickened Setacolours and some shiny iridescent paints. The last group did not work at all..

 Here is the piece with a few blobs and stencil work. At this point I realized this was a lot of fabric and was sad that I didn't have any friends over to play along with me. 

Looking a bit better. My worries were that I would not have enough stencils. What I had not thought of though is that there is a million ways to use them--print out the whole stencil or just use bits of them. What was an issue was deciding where everything was going to go--and what colours to use.. Try it, you'll be surprised at how few colours you can think of when you are working on something this large.  

Before I show you the final piece, let me show you what my craft room looked like when I was done! I was tripping over everything--it was a mess. See that water pump thing on the ground? It is the best water squirter ever--you pump the top and then just push the button instead of having to keep pushing the trigger on the normal squirter bottles. I got mine at Walmark. It looks like THIS is anyone wants to see..
Stencils drying on the floor. Dog toys, weights (?!), husband's pants (??!!), finished wedding quilt that I haven't given to the couple yet and computer cables everywhere. I cannot believe how messy I can be..
Look at my table! And this is only one side of it..  
And now, without further ado, here is the final piece...
My stencilled piece 
But wait--I just have to show you LuAnn's. Remember that I told you I had purchased similar stencils? Well... I guess I got almost all of the same ones! These pieces are so similar it is unreal. LOL
Copyrighted picture--LuAnn Kessi
 I have no idea what I am going to do with piece. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I used a thick cotton fabric. 


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I think you just need to hang it on the wall so you can enjoy all the elements for a while.

    1. I think you have something there. I am going to hang it up on the wall for awhile..

  2. Hi Dahn,

    I so enjoyed your stenciling blog post! Yes, your piece is a sister to mine.
    Yes, that is a lot of fabric to paint for one person....but you did it!
    Your fabric can now be used to make an art apron, tote bag, pillow, zipper bags, pin cushions, background for applique' work.
    Congratulations for diving right in and giving it a try.

    Wishing you continued success in all you do,

    LuAnn Kessi


  3. Hi LuAnn--thanks for the suggestions for what to do with the fabric. And thanks for originally having a play date so that I could have so much fun.. Next time, I invite the girls over... :-)