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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Retreat Projects!

The annual quilt retreat is coming up this Wednesday through Sunday. I think I have all my projects ready. Wanna see?
I love these table tops and have probably made 10 of them to date. They take less than an hour to piece and quilt (really!), however I am a fairly fast piecer and can free motion quilt quickly. This pattern is from Quilting Arts Magazine, the holiday 2011/2012 edition. The picture can be seen larger by clicking on it.

Here are the ones I have already made for the retreat and I will just finish them there. These will be a good late night project, hopefully before several glasses of wine.

I am going to make this Christmas table runner from the Small Quilts and Gifts, 2011 edition of Quiltmaker Magazine called Holly Days Inn.
I am going to use these fabrics, even though to me, blue is not really a Christmas colour.
Another Christmas table topper I am making is the Homespun Holly from the Quilting Celebrations, 2011 from Fons & Porter. Below are the fabrics I am using.

 Another table topper I am making is this one by Little Charmers. This is a really quick pattern that uses those stupid 5” charm squares I keep getting. I had no idea what to do with such small pieces, so I picked up this pattern. (and my apologies for the background.

This is my ironing board for my Setacolour paintings and  sometimes they not dry when I iron them, hence the paint blobs you see).
Still with me? There ONE more table runner that I want to do. This one is called Field if Fire by Wildfire Designs Alaska. I love this designer—go check out the beautiful designs she has… You can’t see it, but I have her fabric with the wildfire on it somewhere in this bundle.
I also have some other projects I want to get to. I have made this triptych Hallowe’en  pattern about 5 times and my friends and family always want one, so here we go again. I noticed on the Patch Abilities website that these patterns now are sold individually. So not cool when companies do this..

Big Project 1. I have more projects! This is a kit from my LQS, Bear's Paw Quilts in Whitehorse, Yukon. I usually do not purchase kits since I have sooooooo much fabric, but I loved these fabrics by Patrick Lose (Kona Colorworks).

Notice the pizza carton? This is how I pack projects in my craft room. I add all the fabric, the pattern and anything else that will make this project go together. I pre-cut the fabric so all I have to do is grab a box and start sewing. I always, always cut the binding too. In this box I am taking the fabric with me and I will cut the binding when I know what the kit size for the binding is supposed to be.. I clearly mark the project name on the front of the box and then they are stacked 4 deep (no more than 4 projects ever), at eye level and I see them whenever I go in my room. Since they are not out of sight, but there are options, I can work on whatever I want.

Big Project 2. This great lap quilt is one I have made before. This pattern is by Lisa Moore and I LOVE all of her other patterns as well! Go see her unique ideas—she is an Alaskan designer and I get her patterns from the Skagway, Alaska store. I see from the link that she recommends Wonder Tape for this quilt. I had never heard of this before, and I need to read up more on it. You can’t see in the box below, but I have some bear fabric as the focal fabric. I know, I know—very hokey. This is for a guy, so I thought it would be good? The light green is the border and the darker green is for the sashing. 

Big Project 3. I haven’t cut this one yet since I haven’t decided what size I want the finished blocks to be, however this one use the 5 Minute Block I recently blogged about that I saw on the Tamarack Shack blog. This will definitely be one that I do this weekend, if for no other reason than to see what the block looks like.


And that’s it! Do you all think I need to have a few more stand-by projects just in case? Here is a panoramic view of all of my projects. And yes, I always worry that I will run out of things to do..  But this year I am so organized it is sickening. 


  1. Annual eh?? hmmmm What if I showed up for 2013? Is it just for your guild?

    : )))

    Monika in Saskatoon

  2. You are much more prepared than I am. Better get on with it! I might bring some fabric and borrow the Halloween pattern. Oh wouldn't it be fun if Monika came! You should invite her to the spring one.... Because we might be away in Houston or somewhere like that next fall....

    1. Too late! Monika is coming up for the fall retreat next year. Yeah!!!

  3. If you get all that done your a wonder woman. I love the Halloween triptych. In fact I love everything you're going to make. Have fun:)