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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It’s Cold!

Not much to say as I ramp up to my class on Friday, but I wanted to say it is really, really cold here! This week we have averaged minus 30 during the day that’s minus 22 F for my American peeps..

I just got a new phone today and took a few pictures--and it looks like I take way better pictures with my cell phone than I do with my expensive camera!  LOL
Trees on the same street, just taken at different times of the day—noon and 5pm.

One of the nice things about Whitehorse, Yukon is that in winter it gets cold but there is rarely ever any wind and this is the driest place on earth--you need moisturizer for your moisturizer!  When I was in University in Vancouver, BC, I found it much colder there because of the damp and wind even though they rarely got into the negative temperatures.

When it is perpetually dark, it is a struggle to come to work in the dark and go home in the dark, and one must work at staying engaged and optimistic throughout the winter.
treesdark2    tree light1
One of the great things that I love about winter is the look of hoarfrost on the trees at this time of year. I MUST do a thread painting with this subject…

And since I mentioned it, the phone I just got is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So far, I love it. These bigger phones are now called a “phablet”—and I have to agree it fits the bill pretty closely. Awesome toy for this geek girl..

Now back to my class prep!


  1. Oh my .... BRRRRR! The photos are lovely, but the temp is a bit cold for me.

  2. Oh that does look cold , makes me shiver just looking at the photos , it would make great thread painting !

    1. Hey Sheila--your email didn't come to my email, so I am answering you here. :-)
      Today it got to minus 41. Yap--that is what my car said as it reluctantly bumped its way to work. After 40 below, tires go flat on one side until they warm up and the car bounces up and down until the tires become round. It always reminds me of a Fred Flintstone car. LOL

      If you come up here, call me! But don't do it in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb or March. LOL

  3. The hoar frost is beautiful. We had snow forecast yesterday and nothing. Today I saw our first flakes (maybe 5 of them before it stopped). My kids are desperate for snow...they think Saskatchewan and (the) Yukon have taken it all. lol Interesting that you post about a phone today...I have been surveying my friends asking about what phone they would recommend. I have to enter the modern world sadly and know nothing about them. So far everyone is saying the iphone but I was looking at the one you got online today. Thoughts?