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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is this thread painting?

I have a class this Friday for intro to thread painting. I have taught this enough times in the past that I am looking for new material that will be the basis of the practice section of the class and something fun. I usually have students practice writing their names, making a flower, following a grid that I provide and tracing ‘something’.
Today I was reading the Aug/Sept Stitch Magazine  (the British Publication with the Embroidery Guild) and HAD to try the project called ‘Stepping Out in Style”.
14   13
It was like playing with dolls all over again. LOL

Make a few templates.


I have a TON of fabrics that I apply fusible web to and put in this large container. Then when I need something, I just grab fabric from here.. All of the fabric I used was obtained from this container.


The fabric I chose.

Attached the fabric to a drawing I did on muslin.Put it in a hoop and start free motion sewing. Next time I would use a stabilizer as the facial features got a little squished.


All finished and cut out carefully.

I just couldn’t resist adding her to a bunch of projects I have laying around.  Hahahaha.
7           8 
   9       11

Do you think my class might want to do something like this?? I usually make have them draw different flowers. I don't know about this...


  1. I love this idea and having the different pictures/scenes to put her in. What fun!

  2. I love this idea. I think it would be fun for your class.

  3. Ha, ha. Yes this would be fun, but maybe you should whip up some cityscape backgrounds for her to cruise in.

  4. Dahn, can you recommend a book for someone who wants to get started in thread embroidery? I'm too far away to take your class. Anita

  5. geeee I haven't been around for a LONG time!! oh my.
    I should subscribe to posts instead of just be a follower.
    Very cute!!


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