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Friday, November 23, 2012

Felted Landscapes

Hello, my name is Dahn and I am a hoarder. Well, not like the lady who keeps her dead cats stacked like pressed flowers, but I appear to be a memory card hoarder. Today I was looking for a specific item in one of my purses and I looked through a lot of satchels, quilted bags, Ikea plastic bags (my all time favourite things) and purses. I found seventeen memory sticks. Seven. Teen.
But it’s funny what you find when you clean out your memory cards. I really should be getting my lesson plan together for my thread painting class next Friday, but I was fascinated to see what was on these cards. I have only seen half of them, and I had forgotten most the pictures I had taken.
So far the ones that stand out are these ones—felted landscapes I made for a class a couple of years ago.
felt snowfelt summer
These involve simple free motion quilting on the snow piece and no stitching on the summer piece. If I remember correctly, on the summer piece I was trying to demonstrate that you could hand felt a lot of fabrics. Here there is a piece of a yellow and white rayon shirt, some threads and a curled up piece of painted cheesecloth. Nothing fancy, but I remember how much fun this class was to do and how wonderful the student’s work was.
Then I saw the only piece of hand work I ever did that was totally hand work. It is about 4” x 4” and I remember that I did this piece with my non dominant hand after getting carpel tunnel surgery!
I usually don’t like to make things that don’t look like anything, but I really like the piece for some reason..

Last in this long, rambling post I fixed the truck painting a bit and here it is. First, the original piece:
truck finished
And here is the tweaked picture. I don’t think its done yet, but its getting there.. This is a little brighter than the original, but not by much.
truck fixed
I’m off to see what else is on these memory sticks. They sure are bringing back memories!

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  1. Wow - you did that with your other hand!? No kidding. Wow. There's dedication. I really like it! (though I can't stand to felt).

    Glad you didn't arrested I suppose... though a crazy story would have been way fun. lol

    Have a lovely day Dahn! : )