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Monday, December 3, 2012

My Latest Thread Painting Class

Last Friday was my Thread Painting class. The weather did not help--it was minus 34 but I still had a lady drive 1.5 hours to get into town for the class! There were the usual sick people and those with commitments  and the class was a manageable 6 people.
One of the ladies brought in her mom's beautiful clamshell thread holder. I am absolutely in love with this thing. 
Isn't it fabulous?! 
And she also brought in this thread piece that a friend of her mom's had made in the 50's. It is in a very elaborate frame and I could not get a good picture without glare, but here it is. Trust me, it is quite spectacular. 

The ladies seemed to have a good time. At least I hope they did. I tend to pack a lot in the 4 hours we are together and they are such good sports. I am always amazed at their abilities..
In the end, I decided that a simple tree branch image would be the best for practice, but I threw in 3 of the my old class pieces just in case people didn't want the branches. Naturally, 4 of the 5 wanted the northern lights and trees and they had to fight over the 3 samples. Doesn't it always go like this?!  lol
The trees and northern lights one is not the picture I used. I don't have a picture of the actual piece, so I stole this off the internet to show you something like the  of the northern lights and trees picture that was used in class. 
Then time almost got away from me! I had to hurry them along to the final piece, but I am happy to say that everyone who had a working machine finished. Whew! 

But in the rush to get the piece done, I didn't have time for photos. Here is a re-enactment of how everyone felt by the end of class...


  1. Replies
    1. She is my co-workers puppy who I made a 'puppy' quilt for...

  2. Replies
    1. Boomer is Reuben's dog. Since he will never have children, this is it for him. She is now an unruly 60 pound slobbering beast. And still beautiful. :-)

  3. Amazing that 6 come out in the cold weather! That is a nice number to work with though. I suppose you must get somewhat used to the cold. I find it a struggle even here in northern NB when our days get short but yours are even more so.

  4. TWO WEEKS AGO!? Where on earth have I been!??

    I am sorry I've been missing all this. Three sick kids - since November, today is the first day they were ALL at school. ugh

    Hey - When I come up there, I want to take your class. PLEEEASE!? And can I run a postcard workshop to help pay my way??? That would be FUN.


  5. oh - and the clamshell!!! yes - and it holds bobbins too?? And the threadpainting!?? wow. All wow.


  6. oh my goodness... (look, here I am again) I just realized that the photo you 'stole off the internet' is the same one I did in chalk pastels, like... 15 or 20 years ago! Seriously. I saw it in a textbook. Geeze - I bet I still have it somewhere in an old art folder. I should find it! wow