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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tin Lizzy Fun

My friend Robin got herself a very nice Tin Lizzy system and I went over to help her set it up properly.

Five hours later, four You Tube videos and several cups of tea, we had it figured out and I had completed this quilt.

This is the result of the 5 minute block  I had read about by Kathy on Tamarack Shack. The blocks themselves took us hours to do, and I blame Janet's unusual decision to have 5 or 10 glasses of wine plus a gin and tonic when we were cutting fabric. Well, she probably had 2 or 3, but she is a lightweight and it made us giggle. Luckily, we have enough for another quilt and got these together. 

And yes, lots of other quilters laughed at us for how long these blocks took. I stole a bunch of their fabrics and embellishments, so take THAT laughing girls. Take. That. 

I lked Kathy's idea of a simple meander around the cream area and I totally stole her pattern for the brown wheels. I ended up doing those on my own Bernina since I didn't have enough time on the longarm (and Robin was going away).

So now it waits for Janet  to put on the binding on when she returns from her wonderful holiday in Newfoundland.  I am sure her boss is going to be tickled to get this quilt. I think I need to make one for me.

PS--I have 2 more quilts I was hoping to quilt before Christmas, so I am going to do nice things for Robin in the hopes that she lets me use her machine again. I told her that the Tin Lizzy is a perfect size for 'us'.  LOL LOL


  1. I'm really surprised how popular my version of this quilt is! I've seen a few copies out there in blogland and that always makes me smile! Glad to hear you had lots of fun....and wine while making it! :)

  2. WOW, WOW and WOW! Lucky you to play with a long arm!! That took no time at all! Sheesh.
    You are so catty : ) hehe

    Have a Happy Halloween!! Moonrise is full these next few day! Should be pretty if you catch it low as it comes up. : )


  3. It looks really great! I can't see the backing though, or what exactly you did on the browns.