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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Its Done?

This week I worked a bit more on ‘the truck’. It has taken me a lot of time to finish this piece because, quite frankly, I started it out in an unsatisfactory way and needed time to noodle out how to proceed.
Overall, I am content with this re-creation but there are a few things I would do differently. I'll talk about this later.

I normally do not do this, but for some reason I messed around with the trees and while they look good after, they had looked really good before hand.

The fall fireweed looks better now that it was been tweaked and I like the look. It took about 10 colour changes to get to this point however.
fireweed close up
I ended up with a wicked ripple after all that work and the only way to control it, other than cutting the design and and restitching it, was to do some vertical zigzag across the whole grass area. This did relax the speed bumps a lot. Unfortunately, like an idiot, I used a really light brown, like a taupe, to do this and I had to spend several hours covering it up with reds, greens and browns.

Oh well, I'm Ok with it now.

I really should spend more time  getting the engine more realistic looking, but those shadows are killing me. I'm really not much of an artist and black just looked like a gigantic hole. I should get some highlights on the little pine trees. And the rust colour around the fenders detracts rather than enhances the great curve of this fender.

But as I said, I am OK with it so far..

So thanks for listening! I am going to put this on my design wall and come back to it at some point. Talking it through has made me see the areas I want to work on.
Tomorrow I will show you my redwork (bluework actually) that I am doing by machine since I don’t “do” handwork.. It’s a great Christmas project. 


  1. Nice! The trees are terrific and I love the fireweed! I can't wait to see it for real.

    I seriously detest when rippling happens to me. arg :( Good comeback about sewing the other way to correct it. I had never thought about it.

    Just last year I found 'sulky sticky plus' acid free adhesive stabilizer. It comes in a roll with a peel off paper grid back. I put it on the back of everything now and what a difference! It's maybe tear away... but i just leave it. It gets stitched in pretty good.

    Thanks for the post! : )

    Monika in Saskatoon

  2. Looks pretty good to me specially the truck...so much detail.

  3. It is stunning! I so admire your patience with thread painting!

  4. Georgeous! I'm really digging your work and Monika's.

  5. This is beautiful! I've just started thread painting.

  6. AWESOME yes I'm shouting. Your talent is breathtaking.