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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Retreat Update

It has been a busy week and only now have I had the time to blog about it. Needless to say it was a blast and I was exhausted by the end of it—exhausted! And I got almost all of my projects done (so take THAT  doubters!)..

I attend this retreat annually in Haines Junction, Yukon which is situated about 1 hour south west of Whitehorse. It is a very, very tiny village with a population of 589 in the last census. I envy the locals this--  the magnificent Elias Mountain range.

 DSCN0001 (4)
The retreat this year was 4 full days long. FOUR. FULL. DAYS. I ate till I was stuffed, I quilted from 9am to 1am every day and as I said earlier, I finished everything I took except for a full size quilt that I decided to add an additional row and I didn’t have the material.

This is the St. Elias Convention Centre where the retreats always take place. Isn't it awesome?!
DSCN3245 DSCN3253
My friend Janet (above in black) and I even finished the top of a quilt we impulsively decided to make for her boss when she retires next month. Wow. It was a blast!
More friends and fellow quilters.
We have a “Chinese Auction” all week-end long and between you and me, I am NOT a fan of it at all. You have to pick a gift or ‘steal’ from someone who has a prize. Anyone who wants to play contributes a $25.00 gift for the table. See the full table above? My friend Karen is trying to decide what to pick. I don't like it because it takes forever and some people bring horrible gifts. (just being honest here).

There are alwasy incredible sunsets. Check this one out!
And there were more metal animals to feast my eyes on! Like the Whitehorse metal sculpture I posted about here, these are incredible. Made by another artist whose name escapes me right now, these just as beautiful.

See the Convention Centre in the background? And that incredible sky? I am definitely going to be making this sky in fabric!

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Great photos! Horrible gifts like the one I got??!! The artist is Paul Baker - another person from my neck of the woods. He and his wife are the people we went sailing with this summer.

  2. 2013. I AM SO THERE.

    LOVE the glass. You just can't go to a retreat in a church basement. That room looks fabulous!

    My husband's family is in Edmonton. Maybe we can all go there & then I'll fly north & back. hmmmm

    : ) Happy Turkey day!
    Monika in Saskatoon

  3. I'll be going to a 3 day retreat next weekend but the venue, although nice , is nothing compared to yours! Wow what a beautiful building and what a landscape to rest your eyes on! They're always fun though!