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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer is here!

Well it has been awhile and in order to play catch up, I am going to post some of the fun things I did in July. I am STILL on holidays for another week and am taking advantage of every minute to get quilts done, fabric dyed and yards and yards of fabric painted. Winter comes quickly here.

Today I dyed about 30 yards of fabric that will be fill ins for fabric that is gone from my stash.


I load this cooler with the fabric.


I nestle them in an Ikea bag so they don’t leak all over, then put a heating blanket on and close the lid.



Look how messy my steps got!!

And here is the fabric before ironing.



It always looks so overwhelming, but becomes neat little bundles. I always seem to use yellow and blues, but when I look at my work, I don’t see how that can be..


And here are some of the soy wax pieces. Love doing this!


     STA52910                  STA52909                 


  1. Oh this looks so fabulous! Wish I had time....

  2. Such yummy colors!! How fun!!

  3. You know what? Dyeing several yards of fabric and a ton at a time doesn't take that much more time.. I need to get about 500 yards and have an orgy of dyeing over a week-end. You up for it Janet?? :-)

  4. 2010!? You must have so many fabulous things to show since then. Are you on FLickr? I'd love to see more. ps. If you want some followers, I'll blog about your blog and send people on over...

    sewing in Saskatoon