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Friday, August 6, 2010

It WAS hot.


We have had an incredibly warm summer here in the Yukon and for much of it I was on holidays. Lucky, lucky me…

It is finally warm enough to swim in the river. Hubby and I take the ATV along  a trial about 15 minutes from our house to get there. It is fun to get all 3 of us on the ATV (I carry the dog) and whip along the trails. My hat usually falls off and hubby has to turn around and get it. Every time he says the same thing “If it falls off again, you’ll have to lump it”, but then he always stops. :-)


Here is the Yukon River near my place. Yah OK, this is not my picture, but I swear it looks a lot like this. Even though I took my camera yesterday and got some GREAT pictures of swimming and my dog in her life preserver, somehow my memory stick didn't work and I had to reform it. Luckily I only had a few pictures on it, so I only lost my swim pictures.

As to crafting, last week I also did some Sox Wax batiks.  When the pieces dry, I leave them to settle for a week, then I iron out the wax with lots of newspapers. .


It was actually too hot and the wax didn't melt very well, so I had to take the pieces in and put them in the basement to ‘cool’.

  STA52834  STA52825

Then I painted on some Setapaints.

STA52827 STA52830

The last step is to hit the Laundromat for a final set and to get the rest of the wax off. Very easy and I love doing this! I’m going this evening, so will post the fabric when its done.

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