I love to dye fabric, make thread pictures and quilt. I live in the Yukon on an acreage with my husband, 2 dogs and 34 fish. It's the 'good' life.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have been sick with 'something' and today it was a beautiful, hot day. Hubby said we were going for a short ride on the ATV Razor to see the swans. He said I needed to get out.

The Yukon River is about 5 minutes from our house, and in the spring a lot of swans come to nest in this area. It is fun to see the little goslings. It is still really early in the year, so this trip was more to get me out of the house than anything. But we saw swans!

There is still a lot of snow, which you can see on the far banks. The ice is called caped column crystals and this is the only place we frequent that has ice crystals like this.

Crystals come from these snow fields.

But pussy willows are coming out!

And the clay cliffs are almost dried out although the mountains have a ways to go.

And look at how dry the trails are!

We didn't stay long since I am really not feeling well, but it was worth it. I felt so much better getting some fresh air. We even took Ripley the dog and she had a great time tearing around..


  1. The ATV Razor, what a way to go,Love the ice crystals, and the pink gumboots!!! a stunning place to visit. Hope you are feeling better, maybe warm days and sunshine in heaps will help. Cheers from Jean

  2. We get 'Candle Ice' here every year, it's so cool!
    I did a post about it last May and was wondering if your ice is the same.

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. At least you got to enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine for a few minutes, though!

  4. Love your work! You live in a gloriously beautiful place. Glad you got out even tho you weren't feeling great. I do hope you are feeling much better.. Spring has been slow to come to many parts of Canada and we are all a bit ... blechth... i believe we are in our 3rd week of rain in PEI. It can stop any time now!
    Have a super day!

  5. Hi. I'm writing from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop. I wanted to get in touch with you. Could you please write to me at carols(at)sew-sisters(dot)com so I can email.
    Thanks so much

  6. Hi Dahn,
    Thank for emailing. I wrote back last week - not sure if you received my email. could you check and let me know please.

  7. I don't know if you still read comments but I just have to tell you...I found your blog yesterday through Quilting Blogs from Canada and have read and studied your posts front to back and back to front. I can't express how much I enjoyed every minute.
    My son and his family lived in Whitehorse for a couple of years so I have been there a couple of times. After being home, Winnipeg, for a few years they are moving back to Whitehorse this Spring. I will miss my grand children soooo much but you have reminded me of the experiences they will have and for that I thank you. I don't have a blog and I don't know what it takes to have one. I know there are some that blog daily and some that blog a couple of times a month. I sincerely hope that after a year off you will consider sharing your creative journey and the beauty of the Yukon again.