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Monday, May 6, 2013

Carcross Class

I am teaching the last class of thread painting for ??  I don't know when I will do another as I need to really work on my OWN muse. I counted the different classes I have taught over the years and was surprised to see that I have taught 27 different class--very few of them were repeats. So I need to take a theme and work on it.

As a farewell (for now), I am teaching at my favorite place with some of my favorite people. Some of you may know my friend Janet from Carcross Caribou Crossing who is also a good friend. She set up these teaching experiences a few years ago and I love this group.

One of the play projects we will be doing is doodling around this leaf. I took this picture of a rhubarb leaf last fall and I love it. I have not completed it, but I love the look of it at this stage. Hmm..sometimes less is more. I may leave it like this.

Nope--I worked on it a bit more, and here it is finished. The colours are true on the pic below.

I was able to get the group a great selection of 'thread embroidery' thread. This is linty and cheap and I love it dearly for thread painting.


The main project will be a pansy from my garden. I think they will like it! Pictures to follow when theclass is over.


  1. Lovely,i like the finished one so "Print Magic ", will post a photo of my finished flower.The rhubarb leaf is super for stitching.Greetings from Jean

  2. I wouldn't mind just the thread....LOL The rhubarb picture is lovely:)

  3. I love it!! Can I assume you printed the photo on photo fabric first? It looks like its on true photo paper!