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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scout Lake

Close to our house is a great little lake that is stocked with Kokanee salmon. It is a fairly popular lake because one can drive in with a truck, however the road is very rough.
A couple of days ago DH and I rode the ATV out to the lake because it is a nice trail ride from our place. We left after supper, so these pictures show how light it stays in the evening here in the north. I would say  all of these pictures were taken around around 8pm.
    1   IMG_1778

There was only one man out in a rubber boat and a family on the shore fishing when we arrived. The family had some of the most exuberant dogs I have ever seen. They made me laugh with their antics—jumping from the cliffs to the water and then a mad dash through the woods as they chased squirrels.
Look at how clear the water is! We are truly blessed with some of the clearest and cleanest water in the world, and I never take it for granted…
We didn’t take the fishing rods, but sometime over the weekend we are going to go back and try to get some salmon. My dad and his friend are coming to visit in a few weeks and it would be great to have some smoked salmon for them..

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