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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ah, Weddings..

It is not often that I attend a wedding. Neither my sister or I had children and our extended family is very small. Our friends tend to have independent children that either do not intend to marry, or get married in far flung locations. So when I get a chance to go to one, especially one that means so much to me, I am a happy person. Yesterday a young lady that I have known since she was 7 years old got married to her long time partner.

IMG_1921       IMG_1931 

They own a beautiful homestead with hundreds of acres of land here in the Yukon. Their property winds along the Yukon River and for some reason, it rains when the hay needs watering and is beautiful and sunny at all other times.

IMG_1929  IMG_1940

The weather today was perfect. The food was delicious—the couple raised 2 plump pigs for the feast and the meat was delicious. As the evening wore on, I think everyone took a picture of themselves with the pigs head in their hands..


Even at this time of year, the sun shines until 10-10:30pm, which is unfortunate as the tent looked so romantic after the sun finally set, and of course by then I didn’t have the camera around as I danced the night away.

 IMG_1955                                                                            Bride and Groom (and 2 year old son)

It is for this couple that I made the quilt I spoke about last week. It was a real labour of love and now both of my ‘nieces’ have married and I am so very happy for them.


My quilting days are not over yet… I have 4 stepdaughters who are in their 20’s and I a hoping they decide to marry so I can make them a wedding quilt as well. Fingers crossed! 


  1. The quilt turned out gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Janet! I think it fits in with their casual, country style of living.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! Traditional, yet contemporary - timeless, really. I'm sure they treasure it.

  4. Thanks Chris. This was a pleasure to make. I am relieved you say traditional/contemporary--that was just the look I was going for!

  5. That is one of my favorite patterns! Love the chocolate brown : )

  6. I found this pattern really easy to do. I think the brown looks great with the greenery in the background. Maybe I need to tell the couple to have lots of green in their bedroom! :-)