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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mixed Media 1

I have a number of past mixed media techniques that I decided to put in one location, so for the next few posts I will add a lot of these projects I have made over the past 3 years. It was like a trip down memory lane and I got excited over several things all over again. You should see the books I have stacked all over the floor of my craft room!   lol


Selected Feral beads

Love the name, alas, it is not mine. These are one afternoon's frenzy bead making. I will probably get cancer from ignoring ventilation precausions. Made these as folows: **UTEE melted with embossing tool, wrapped with wires. **Others are scraps of fabric wrapped with funky threads. **Others are felt stitched to fabric then burned with embossing tool.




Flower beads

Pretty dark, sorry. The fussiest and hardest of the damn beads to make. I made six and said frig it. I think the instructions are in Quilting Arts Mag.




Painted Fusible Web

This was a fun class I took from my friend Ruth Headley (also my only quilt store owner). Her and I have taught fibre classes for over a year and when we don't teach, we attend the other's classes. I did this quick scenery pic to put in my technique page.




Technique Plan

This is just a look at how I do my teaching page and then I put it in a plastic protector in a 3 ring binder.




Technique Plan 2

The other side of my technique page. This shows all the types of fusibles I used in this class. **If interested, every different type of fusible does different things. My 3 favorites are WonderUnder, Steam A Steam and Stitch Witchery.





Another example I used for a class demonstrating a few techniques the students had already played with.




Close Up Example

Just to show how I label mixed media examples.



Fibre Trees

In an attempt to help get the creative process started, I did up the next series of "trees" using different processes.

This one is snippet leaves and puffy paint trunk.




Puffy Paint Trunk

Close Up. Dime added for perspective.




Tyvek Trunk

I use SetaPaints only for Tyvek. I prefer the shine they get when heated and don't add a 'paint' like feel to the tyvek. Also, it doesn't peel off

like acrylic paint does..




Just cause its weird

I don't even know what I "mean" by this one...



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