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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a quick note

I am doing rather than talking lately, and today I had a breakthrough with my thread embroidery technique.

Thread embroidery is probably the ‘art’ I do the most. I don’t know if its because deep inside I am a secret painter, but I love to draw with my sewing machine. I have already bored you all with my love of Alison Holt’s remarkable thread play, and I have spend many a happy day making trees and flowers and leaves.


Today I tried a different technique—a variation on this theme—and found out that I like this way of ‘painting’.



This is a picture of fireweed that I believe was taken near Braeburn after a major fire the year before.. I used to drive this road once a week and for several weeks the fireweed is beautiful. I used a variety of cotton, rayon and silk thread on this piece.


My next one is going to be a rusty old truck that someone gave me permission to use.

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