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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Liard Hot Springs

Today I was reading about polar swims that people do for charity.  That is people dumb enough to go in super cold water and swim around pretending they enjoy it. I have done this twice. I was nuts the first time but then I did it again! This is when I was younger and had a figure. But this Christmas hubby and I drove out to Alberta (which is above Montana for those who don't know Canada very well). About 10 hours away is a wonderful hot springs at Liard that we like to go to. I've attached a pic so you can see, this is not a fancy, done up resort but a rustic pond in the bush. You have to walk in about 10 minutes to get there and it was COLD!


The vehicle said minus 22, but it had to be at least minus 30. The soak was wonderful but changing into clothes in that weather OUTSIDE was brutal. My feet stuck to the wood planks and my hair was a frozen mass. But the weirdest thing was that all the rest of the day my heart hurt. I told my hubby that I had gotten a “cold heart” and he was getting really concerned. So was I. I'm only 45 but I thought I was having a stroke or something. But a good nights sleep and rest was all I needed.


imageThis is not my picture, I just really like it. It must not have been very cold since there is very little steam going on.


The reason I mention the hot springs is that I have always thought the frost on the trees in winter were beautiful. I would LOVE to do this in a mixed media format someday.

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