I love to dye fabric, make thread pictures and quilt. I live in the Yukon on an acreage with my husband, 2 dogs and 34 fish. It's the 'good' life.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Contemporary Landscape

One of the classes I am teaching (actually tomorrow), is a landscape. It uses mixed media techniques such as hand painted fabric, paper towel mountains, wrapping paper lakes and thread trees.

Here is the process I use to make the fabric:

DSC00750   DSC00751



Once the paint is spread on the table, I carefully place a piece of fabric over it and gently press it into the paint.

DSC00752        DSC00753


Here is the completed picture with paper towel mountains.

   DSC00763   DSC00758



This lesson is done just in time for tomorrow!




  1. I like this way of monoprinting your background. Have to remember it.

  2. Wow! Wished I was in your class tomorrow! Everyone will have a great time! Love the results!

  3. Thanks Wil. It is soooo easy.

  4. I finished the class a few hours ago and it was good but exhausting! Everyone loved painting the paper towel the best. LOL

    Wish you had been able to come and play with us today! :-)

  5. very nice Dahn! Sorry I couldn't be there.