I love to dye fabric, make thread pictures and quilt. I live in the Yukon on an acreage with my husband, 2 dogs and 34 fish. It's the 'good' life.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Seriously, it has been how long?

Hello peeps! It has been a long time since I posted and because I don't have sponsors or work for sale and this blog is for my pleasure, I don't even feel guilty about not posting. My last blog died a miserable death because I felt obligated to post weekly, then almost daily. I felt anxiety and guilt if I didn't post something for my very large following. My virtual friends became more important that my real friends--not that I have not made some read "friends" from blogland, I did. And I chat with a number of them I met more 14 years ago online..

Still--I decided to keep my following private on this site so I don't see who follows me. This is more so that I don't feel obligated to post if I don't want to. That means that WHEN I DO POST, I am really happy to share something, or have a real interest in the subject matter.

Later today I have a great post to share about actual thread painting. And I will share this--it is from a pagan ritual of burning an effigy. Here in the Yukon we have it just after the Spring Equinox and this year we held it on March 23. I'll show you some neat stuff from there..

View from my yard 3 minutes ago. Yes, it snowed tons the last 2 days. April 19 and we have this much snow??!!


  1. Wow, I dream of living where the snow is right at the back fence. US seems to have forgotten spring should have arrived. Cheers from Jean

  2. Yes feeling obligated to post takes the fun right out if it. You've got the right idea, post when you're in the mood and want to share.
    We have a lot of snow still too and expecting another 10cm this weekend!!

  3. Love seeing what you are up to and I enjoy seeing your work as well as your part of Canada. And I totally understand what you are saying. I follow quite a few blogs and some impart fantasmagorical information every couple of days. Don't know how they do it. It takes an incredible amount of time to write a blog, even a short one and then edit it once or twice or three times. Longer yet if you are photographing what you want to show. No one realized the time it takes to take photos, edit photos and downsize them so they can open easier and faster. So, i will continue to pop in from time to time to see what you are up to. Blogging, emails, all computer stuff, unless it is ones livelihood, is done when one feels like it and don't worry about the rest... Thanks for sharing!
    By the way, rainy and +16C in PEI today! I have the computer room window open a bit and am listening to the robins sings as the sun sets. Snow is almost all gone.. just at the edge of fields in the shade. Hope spring finds its way to you soon.

  4. it keeps snowing here too. We had our first rain yesterday.

    : )
    Hope you are well (and okay I admit I'm waiting to see something) lol