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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Quilt

Mookie's daughter #3 is getting married in September, the first one I might add out of 4 daughters, and I want to make them a modern but complicated quilt.
I have soooo MANY quilts on my Pinterest site, (with a lot of followers-thank you very much) but I cannot decide on any one quilt.

This is my favorite modern quilt by Ian Hundley (no web site?!), but I think it is too abstract for this (or any) couple.

And I really like this one too, but I have already made a similar one here:

So maybe something like this from The Quilting Edge:

Chinese Coins like THIS one?

Or THIS one--Too White? Too girlie?

I like THIS one too:

And by E. Hartman as well, I like this variation:

Or maybe I should do a scrappy/paper pieced like the New York Beauty like this one HERE?
New York Beauty Quilt
Not very modern, but I like PP.

Still lots of time to decide. What do you all think? What is your choice?? If you want, see what I like on my Pinterest site and tell me which one you like the best. All help appreciated! 


  1. I like the chinese coins and the escape artist from Modern Patchwork. I like them because they seem a bit more gender neutral and not girlie.

  2. Do they know you are making them a quilt? I think you should have a cup of tea with your daughter and browse quilt pictures and see which ones she ooohs and ahhhhs over. If she likes the abstract ones better than the traditional ones, or the traditional ones more than the abstract ones, then you'd have a good place to start (but don't let her choose the pattern! Just see which way she leans). Personally, if you like EPP, I'd choose the New York Beauty - what isn't modern about it? I think it's stunning. My other choice would be something very simple and zen/serene since it is for a bedroom - like the diverging corners (choice #5 in your post) in water colours (blues, greens, greys)