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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its Been A Long Time

I’m not even going to look on this blog and see how long it has been since my last post. My only excuse is that when spring comes to the Yukon, I tend to tuck away my quilting and spend time outside getting the garden going, planting my flowers and getting my 3000 ft lawn in summer shape. Mike and I have also continued clearing the brush in the forest, taking care of dead trees and just basically puttering. Snow is only gone for about 4-5 months here, so we all tend to enjoy the outdoors when we can.

STA52726 The back stairs

But I admit I ‘have’ been doing some quilting. A co-worker was diagnosed with lung cancer so I made her this lap quilt to take with her:



I also got all of my co-workers to sign it with good wishes and gave it to her before she went away for treatment. I know she was overwhelmed—I know I would cherish something like this if I were in the same situation.

I’ve also made this very nerdy wall  hanging for my office ‘wall’ (a divider):

Star Trek1 STA52742

What I think is funny is that ‘Bones’ looks like a vampire. I think its the peaks in his hair. And Scotty looks pissed about something—probably that Shatner stole his lines—again.

And finally, I am pressing Lupin to use later this summer. Here Lupin doesn’t last very long and last year I kicked myself that I didn’t work fast enough and get a few flowering parts. So this year, I’m starting early and harvesting a bunch.


I’m also going to do something with these pics of immature fireweed I took yesterday. I really like the look of these. Maybe I will do a weekly photo of the fireweed and do a compilation at the end of the summer? Hmm….

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